Seasonal Play

Season One begins June 21st at 8PM EST

Retribution is proud to announce its first Season of Retribution. Starting June 21st at 8EST, Retribution will be launching Seasonal play! Every character created after this time will be opted IN to Season One. What does this mean? Well let’s start with the fun stuff. Seasons of Retribution is primarily an opportunity for new and old players alike to come together and experience all that Retribution has to offer in a fresh, time locked, personal progression playthrough. Seasonal characters will benefit from:

  • Increased drop rates for Rose Colored and Apocryphal gear.
  • A class specific, auto granted, AA at level 51 that is unavailable otherwise.
  • The “First Orb of Retribution”, a no trade All/All aug that fits into any slot that scales every day you login to play.
  • A 20 Slot, No Trade, bag that can be upgraded as players unlock expansions.
  • Unique titles for players as they unlock new expansions.
  • Special progression instances in which enemies do not respawn.
  • Access to the rarest class of item in EQ history, Artifacts. Very rarely a looted, quested, or tradeskilled Apocryphal item may become an Artifact. This can occur only once per item, per Season. These items have improved stats vs the normal Apocryphal, bear the name of the person who looted, earned, or created it, and may be freely traded between players without Attunement. However, they cannot be dropped on the ground or sold to NPC vendors.

(No trade items will become Lore and attunable at the end of the season) Seasonal character restrictions:

  • No more than 6 players will be allowed in any DZ.
  • Progression flags may now only be gained in a DZ.
  • May not join a group or DZ with a non seasonal character in it.
  • May not trade with a non seasonal character.
  • May not access non seasonal traders.
  • May not access the shared bank.
  • May not pick items from the ground that are not natively in the groundspawn table.
  • May not purchase items from vendors that are not natively in their merchant list.
  • May not loot a corpse their group did not get awarded exp for.
  • May not receive parcels.
  • May not use the buff NPC for regular non-server-wide buffs.
  • Beastlords, Berserkers, Vah Shir, and Iksars WILL be available on launch for any account that has already unlocked them… so if you want to start with one… hop in now!

Personal, time locked progression: As Retribution is a personal progression server, so will its first season be. Players are expected to participate in certain raid kills or discover certain items in order to unlock the next expansion. However, players must also wait the designated amount of time for the next expansion to open. The time locking is as follows:

  • 2 week lock in Classic
  • 2 week lock in Kunark
  • 4 week lock in Velious
  • 4 week lock in Luclin
  • 8 weeks in PoP before the season ends

This… is incredibly exciting for us! Join us in Discord and play early to unlock Iksars, Vah Shir, Beastlords, and Berserkers in time for Seasonal Play!