Welcome to Retribution

What is Retribution?

Retribution is an account based, personal progression PEQ server, and is not, nor claims to be affiliated with Daybreak Games.

Retribution allows players to relive forgotten memories of their Everquest conquests in nuanced ways through a unique mixture of rule-sets, quests, and items.

What is the Ruleset?

All players start in Classic EQ and can progress through Gates of Discord by killing raid bosses or collecting certain items from each expansion. Progression is account based, meaning YOU have to participate to unlock each expansion for yourself.

What else makes Retribution unique?

Each player starts with pre-selected class defining AA, the ability to origin to the ORIGINAL bazaar, and access to new, powerful versions of their starting items.

Enemy strength, exp, and loot tables are all as you remember them… for the most part. As you relive memories of camping your favorite pieces of gear and slaying your favorite enemies, you will also begin to remember how strong you really were as you find rare versions of all wearable items are available. Like our memories, all gear can be found as Rose Colored (1.5x Stats) or Apocryphal (2x Stats + Bonuses).

With the access to class defining AA and tens of thousands of new, incredibly strong, albeit familiar pieces of gear, players may be able to clear most content with a single group, and therefore will be limited to three boxing + 1 Bazaar mule.

Other notable key facts about the server:
  • All wearable items have had their required and recommended levels removed.
  • All items are tradable, with the strongest Apocryphal versions being attunable.
  • AoC’s (instanced raid content) exist for every progression raid zone with a low 22hr lockout.
  • Classic versions of many zones have been restored.
  • Enemy and named spawn rate decreased to 10 minutes in almost all zones.
  • RoF Out of Combat Regen
  • OOC and AUC chat feed our Discord server, allowing for players to chat with their in game friends while offline.
  • Level caps match retail OTHER THAN classic being capped at 51 instead of 50 so you can grind AA while farming gear.
  • All AA through The Buried Sea are live and attainable beginning at level 51.
  • Big bags!
A note from Aporia:

“Some of the greatest memories I have from EQ were farming that one camp, hoping for that one named that could drop that one item and the joy that followed finally finding it. Being rewarded for your hard fought battles was something EQ did so well. Retribution takes that concept to a new level- and after all these years, Norrath still needs us, heroes! Come adventure with us and become as strong as you remember being!”

How to Play:

Step 1: Create an account!

First, create an EQ Emulator account here: http://www.eqemulator.org/

Once that is complete, create a login server account at: http://www.eqemulator.org/account/?CreateLS

Step 2: Download the patcher

Click on the “Download” link in the menu above or this link below:


(You may need to click on the file and tell Windows it is safe by clicking the arrow on the download and selecting “Keep”)

Extract the files to wherever you want EQ to be installed. Do not run the patcher in the same folder as another server. This is a complete client.

Find and right click retributioneq.exe and send to desktop. Make sure you close any instances of EQ, then right click the shortcut on your desktop and run as Administrator.
(You may need to click “More Info” and “Run anyway” the first time).

If this file does not work for whatever reason, you can also obtain the client by downloading it from Steam using https://github.com/xackery/downloadeqrof/releases/download/latest/downloadeqrof.exe
Then download the latest patcher from https://github.com/RetributionEQ/RetributionPatcher/releases/latest/download/retributioneq.exe


Click “Play” once the patch has finished (it will say Complete! Press Play to begin).

Note: If windows throws a false positive for a virus, first, restore the patcher.
Then, click start, search for Threat, click Virus & Threat Protection.
Click “Manage settings” under Virus & threat protection settings.
Scroll down and click Add or remove exclusions. Then click add an exclusion. Click folder. Select the folder you installed Retribution in.

Step 3: Join us in Discord while you wait. (Click the link at the top of the page!)

Click “Play” once the patch has finished (it will say Complete! Press Play to begin).

To access our Allakhazam, Magelo, or Discord, please click the links at the top of the page!