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January 17, 2023, 12:55 am


### ENHANCEMENTS: update the JS color selector Modified the Actions Menu (left hand menu) to be resizeable and have a header. Added a Leadership AA window. Accessed with the "Leader." button on the Action menu. This shows a characters Guild and Raid Abilities. Added two versions of the Barter Window, one generic, and one personalized one. The generic one is accessed with the "Barter" link in the header. The personalized one is accessed with the "Barter" button in the Actions menu. The generic one just shows all the WTB items and their price, with some basic search criteria. The personalized one displays the current characters inventory (like in game) and uses their inventory as a filter for matching buyers. Searching with a "Seller" name also cross referenecs a characters inventory. Added two versions of the LDON/Adventure Leaderboard. The generic one is accessed with the "LDON" link in the header, and the personalized on is viewed with the "LDON" button in the Actions menu. Both versions show 100 characters max (by default). When viewing the personalied one, your current characters row will show up below the scroll box, in gold, displaying that characters rank. The gold row will also show up in its correct order in the scroll box results. Redesigned/beautified the corpses page. The corpses now display as avatar tiles, showing the date and zone of death. The avatar will show as gold and in-color if the corpse NEEDS to be rezzed, and gray if already rezzed. The avatar will be replaced by the Shadowhaven tombstoneif the character has been buried. If there are items or coin on the corpse a small bag icon will display by the avatar. Hovering over the avatar or bag icon will explain the meaning of the symbols. Added a detail corpse view. You access it by clicking one of the avatar tiles on the corpses page. This new detail view shows the corpses inventory, specific details about where/when they died (unless moved), rezzed status, burried status, all items and coin on thecorpse, and links to the zone and a map of where the corpse is. Enhanced the Bazaar. The window is resizeable and scrollable now. The items now display a small item icon next to the name. Added the "&nohead" GET variable. When appended to the URL it hides the header completely, this is intended to be used by server admins with the in-game web browser. ### PERFORMANCE: The item icons have been replaced with sheets of spritesthat are 10x10, and some CSS to locate each item icon byits ID. This loads slightly slower at first for the user, but in the longrun it caches quicker and improves performance. It also greatly reduces the time taken to unzip/transfer the charbrowser files since the 6,869 individual icon files are replaced with 108 icon sheets. Reduced the number of queries on the bot page. Took all the individual spell effect queries and consolidated them to one big "IN" clause. The item and spell repository classes design still caused some redundant queries. Those were redesigned causing someperformance improvements. The bazaar page now only runs 3 queries instead of 2 plus 1 per spell effect on each item. The changes were implemented into the profile class, bot profile class, and the new corpse profile class. This further reduced the number of queries resulting in the character profile page loading about 20% faster. Removed the alternate ability repository. During the multi-tenancy change over the repository was quikckly added to reduce the number of queries being done, but itreplicated the table caching feature already present in the profile class. It now uses that original system instead. Did a general file cleanup of files that no longer seemed necessary. Added a page-load timer to help monitor performance. It's displayed above the database performance data, and is enabled using the same DB_PERFORMANCE constant that the database performance output uses. Removed too many notices/warnings to count Moved the character permission into the profile class gave classes a Charbrowser_ prefix for their name gave all private elements a _ prefix make sure array and array keys exist prior to referencing them removed direct access to $_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST and use a wrapper function preg_Get_Post() instead which is written to ensure array keys exist and to also use regex to validate all user input values Tested/Updated the software to work on PHP 5.6 up to PHP 7.4 ### BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would display the header twice in some error cases. Fixed an oversight that let users see the advanced faction data, even when it was disabled. Altered the adventure board to use RANK() for newer versions of MySQL and variables for older versions When theres no bazaar search results, we now show an empty bazaar window instead of a message box repaired the leaderboard rankings. The query returned different results based on DB vendor/version. it now uses two different methods based on vender/version.

Download: v3.6.0