Succor point : 1282 / -1139 / 5


ListName Class Race Level
The Tempest Reaver Wizard Spectre 55
Amygdalan knight Warrior Amygdalan 50
Amygdalan warrior Warrior Amygdalan 48
a boogeyman Warrior Ghoul 49
a broken golem Warrior Golem 20
a decrepit warder Warrior Alligator 49
a dracoliche Necromancer Dragon 55
a fetid fiend Warrior Zombie 51
a frightfinger Wizard Reanimated Hand 51
a glare lord Magician Evil Eye 51
a gorgon Warrior Gorgon 49
a nightmare Warrior Unicorn 51
a phantasm Warrior Spectre 49
a samhain Warrior Scarecrow 51
a scareling Rogue Imp 50
a shiverback Warrior Gorilla 52
a spinechiller spider Warrior Spider 52
a tentacle tormentor Warrior Tentacle Terror 50
a turmoil toad Warrior Froglok 51
a worry wraith Enchanter Will-O-Wisp 50
Cazic Thule Warrior Cazic Thule 55
Dread Warrior Golem 55
Echo of the Past Warrior Spectre 100
Enraged Imp Berserker Imp 60
Fright Warrior Golem 55
Irak Altil Warrior Skeleton 51
phoboplasm Warrior Gelatinous Cube 48
Terror Warrior Golem 55
Wraith of a Shissar Warrior Gorgon 55


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